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Waiving Bear (14'x5' black loqust)
Photo of Chris working on "Waiving Bear" at Skip & Chris' studio at Linville, NC., summer of 1996.  Waiving Bear was installed on Fairview Road in Charlotte NC Sept., 1996.  The owners dress the sculpture for special occasions (Santa or with cap & gown).   "Waiving Bear" has become a Charlotte landmark and even receives mail!

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Here's Chris sitting on "Waiving Bear" at our Linville, NC Studio:
chrisnbigbear2.jpg (38280 bytes)

Crook & Chase
Here is a snapshot of the 25 minutes of air time we enjoyed on the Crook & Chase Show.  Of the more than 60 TV interviews we have done to date, the Crook & Chase Show was the most fun.  Thanks again to Ms. Crook and Mr. Chase, as well as the crew... all of whom made this TV experience one to remember.
crooknchase1.jpg (40213 bytes)

We carved this bust totally on camera.  Both of us were carving at the same time.  That's two chainsaws, two carvers, and one sculpture - all at the same time.  Thanks again to the stars and crew of the Crook & Chase Show.
crooknchase2.jpg (41032 bytes)

Caryl & Marilyn Show
This was our first trip to L.A.  It was a totally excellent adventure!  The staff and crew really treated us well.  Thanks again, dudes and dudettes -  Your production values were top notch, as was everything.
carylnmarilyn.jpg (42129 bytes)

The STAR steadies her likeness in Chainsaw Art as I sign the sculpture with a chainsaw.  We were mentioned in the "Hollywood Reporter" for the performance on the "Caryl & Marilyn Show".  Thanks again to the stars and staff!
carylnmarilyn2.jpg (38367 bytes)


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